Love in a Teacup

There are only 10 days left before Valentine's Day... the day to express your love and dedication to your loved one(s). It could be your life partner, but of course it could also be your secret love, best friend, father or mother!

What better way to express your love than an item that expresses history, loyalty and longevity? Antique teacups have been around for a long time, and they are incredibly fragile - so the very fact that they're still around is similar to any true relationship, isn't it? It was only possible because someone cared a lot.

And here's the very good news... you don't have to be a woman to receive a teacup. I have lots of wonderful coffee cups that are loved by men, as well as some big teacups that are perfect to warm large fingers.

In fact, I've often given my male friends little orphaned antique teacups or coffee cups, and they are always stunned and delighted - it's the last thing they seem to have expected and they love the artistry and beauty as much as any woman does :-)

Have a look in the shop... and enjoy!

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