Stop and Marvel

A new year has started here in the West – and in the East it is about to start. Happy New Year everyone!

My aim for this year is to bring beautiful porcelains to many more people. Many have never heard of antique porcelain – we grew up in an age of convenience, with dishwasher-proof mugs from IKEA that you throw away when they chip or break.

But in a world that is buckling under the waste we produce, it always strikes me that our forefathers knew how to preserve and recycle things, simply because they didn’t have the wealth and technology yet to replace everything all the time.

When you think about it, we have lost something in the way we surround ourselves with the cheap aesthetics of convenience, depleting our environment in order to make fast, rather ugly items that we’ll throw away after a short period of use – simply because we couldn’t be bothered to look after them better.

Antique bone china items were made at a time when things were scarce, technology limited, and people had patience and time to look after their possessions. You would take the time to have your tea and use that moment to have a conversation and replenish your energy. So if you truly value these precious moments, you want your teacup to be beautiful, made with the greatest care. After use, you wash your cup with care, dry it off and place it back on the shelf.

Today, much of this has gone and we feel harassed by the speed of life, surrounded by the aesthetics of convenience and distracted by a torrent of information. Do you feel suffocated sometimes?

One of my nearly 17,000 Instagram followers started a conversation with me and I found myself writing: “Take the time to stop and marvel”.

It is no wonder that antique porcelain has become more popular now with a new generation of collectors. Collecting porcelain is not for old people – it is for everyone who appreciates life, peace, beauty and reflection. Conversations gain in connectedness over tea in a beautiful teacup, and no dinner party is as filled with joy as one served on a matching set of hand-painted antique plates.

So I hope to share this beauty with many people this year… stop and marvel!

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