Let me count the ways...

Why is an antique fine china tea set a wonderful gift for the holidays? Well, let me count the ways...

Whether Christmas, Hanukah, New Year or any other holiday, this time of year is one of family gatherings, lights, wonderful food and gifts. But most of all, it is the time to express our love and dedication to each other. Whatever part of the world you are in (and whether you are burning a candle in the North of Norway where daylight is virtually absent, or organising a Christmas barbie on the Australian beach), I am sure you have reasons to give something to your loved ones.

Antique fine china is unique. Each piece was handmade, so even the pieces that are commonly known because they were made in large quantities, are made individually and each one will be unique in its own way.

As you love your loved one, so did the maker of the piece spend time, often many hours, bent over this item. it was thrown, fired, painted, glazed, and gilded - all by a person who took exceptional care to make a beautiful piece. You giving this to your loved one merely continues this long arch of human care.

Many of us live in a society where we have everything we need. Ever felt that "What on earth am I going to give to this person?" feeling? The solution is: something very unique that they would have never found themselves!

There is an endless variety of antique items, so the act of you looking for that exact one piece you think your loved one is going to like, is an act of love and dedication in itself. It makes it doubly wonderful as a gift!

In a world that is being degenerated by our addiction to ever more new items and a lack of solutions for the waste they produce, what is better than to give something that doesn't add to the world's mountain of waste?

Even though antiques aren't cheap, if you think about the joy they give, the uniqueness and the amazing fact they've survived for so long, they are a great investment. And you can be sure that they won't go out of fashion any time soon :-)

Need any more ways? If I have convinced you, you can see many wonderful items in the shop section of this website, or visit my Ruby Lane shop for even more items, including some lower priced ones for those with a smaller purse.

I ship all over the world. For delivery outside Europe, if you make your purchase in the week leading up to the 15th of December I will still find a way to get it to you in time for Christmas and New Year. Most European destinations will have a few more days - but don't leave it too late! Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Rests me to wish you happy holidays!! Peace, love and beauty to all.

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