A Victorian cabaret set, so very desired - Wileman 1893

When it comes to fine bone china antiques, one of the most desired items from Victorian times is a cabaret set. It usually is a tray with four small cups, a teapot and a milk jug and sugar bowl. Cabaret sets could be carried around easily – good for breakfast in bed or a leasurely evening or afternoon in the drawing room. “Cabaret” is a term used for entertainment in an enclosed environment such as a club or a drawing room – I guess the kind of event where the butler tip-toes around to serve tea!

This beautiful set was made by Charles Wileman in 1893 and is in fabulous condition, which is really rare. It is not for sale anymore – a lucky person snapped it up as soon as I put it online… and hopefully it is now shining in its new environment, after having been thoroughly enjoyed in my own living room for a little while! What a privilege to have such a piece of beauty around.

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