This is a wonderful "trembleuse" trio made by Brownfield between 1885 and 1887. "Trembleuse" stands for cups and saucers with a very deep well, enabling someone with tremors to drink from an elegant cup without spilling their tea or coffee. These cups were popular in the 18th and 19th Century and a very practical solution for well-to-do people of advance age or with diseases such as Parkinson's - however they are now extremely rare.


This trio is a beautiful example of the Aesthetic Movement, which started in the early 1870s and was at its peak in the 1880s. The Aesthetic Movement was a rebellion against the overly pompous Victorian designs of those years; rather than creating elaborate designs that used flowers and birds as passive elements to show off wealth and status, flowers, birds and in this case insects were brought to the heart of the design. The flowers in this design have that spontaneous quality: they are what they are, and there is no further embellishment other than the intriguing "cracked ice" border, which might have been inspired by the early 19th Century Spode designs (in turn copied from much older Japanese designs).


The trio could be good either for tea or coffee, as the cup is quite narrow, which was the fashion at the time. The trembleuse saucer is imprinted with a date for March 1885, and the side plate for October 1887. 


CONDITION REPORT This set is in perfect antique condition without any damage and virtually no wear or rubbing. All items ring nicely when tapped.


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DIMENSIONS (diameters) cup 6.8cm (2 5/8"), saucer 13.6cm (5 3/8"), side plate 15.2cm (6").


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Brownfield trio trembleuse, Aesthetic Movement 1885-1887

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