A beautiful week

Happy Holidays to all my friends, followers and customers! This is a time to spend with loved ones, whatever your religion - whether you do Christmas or Chanukkah or neither; the message of peace and love is universal. Many of you who follow my blogs and instagram writings do so because you care about beauty and enjoying food and drink together with loved ones... I get so many messages in response to my rambling socio-historical ruminations - the stories I tell, however clearly set in a particular time and context, are universal. They are about who we all are. Thank you for following and responding! My life has become much richer since I started to share my passion with others and I love eve

The Blind Earl

To celebrate the beginning of the holiday period, today I have a very rare dessert service made by Chamberlain & Co (Worcester) between 1840 and 1851. It is in the famous "Blind Earl" pattern, but this flow blue version is incredibly rare and was probably made for export to the USA. I absolutely love this service! This 18th Century pattern was called after George William Coventry, the fifth Earl of Coventry (1722-1809), who was the Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire. In 1780, George William suffered from a hunting accident and lost his eye sight. It is said that he ordered a service like this (although in polychrome colours with bright greens) because, now blind, he wanted to be able to feel


It's official... I've been made a #bossbabe! If you want to find out what that means and read about me and how my business is my passion, read my interview in House of Coco, the super-cool magazine for Millennials... click on the image below. And pssst... it's going to be holidays soon. If you need a special gift but worry that it won't arrive in time, why not give a gift voucher? You can find one here. As usual, you can see all my porcelain treasures in my shop, and because of the holidays I am still bringing out lots of new items... see below the latest ones, and they are selling fast! 🎄🕎🎅🏽🎁 If you always want to see the latest additions, follow my instagram feed... I post pictures an

Say it with Porcelain

The holidays are coming up fast - and if you don't know what exactly to give, or you don't trust the mail...

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