The Boy with the Spotted Dog

Did you think that globalisation is something uniquely of our time? Think again! This beautiful plate was made by Hilditch & Co in about 1820 in Staffordshire, England. It was made in the "Chinoiserie" tradition - that is the style that imitates Chinese designs often from the 18th Century or earlier. It was very popular in 19th Century England, and still is a collectors' item. And I certainly think it is a very pretty plate. But it's also a very fascinating plate. There is a little family scene of a boy playing with his spotted dog, his mother fussing over him and a servant holding an umbrella to shield her from the sun (she must have been quite posh). The father is watching it all, smoking

Antique porcelain plates - why I love my job

One thing I love about what I do is that I get to sort through huge stacks of beautiful items. Every now and then I have a fantastic opportunity, and this one felt a little risky but made me extremely happy: 6 large boxes full of beautiful antique porcelain plates from the Regency, Rococo Revival and Victorian periods, all bought from the estate of a collector. You never really know what's in such a mixed lot but watch the video below - I think you'll agree with me that this was my lucky day! Now I have a lot of work to do to prepare these beauties for my shop - but in the meantime, enjoy the sneak preview and let me know if you see a plate that catches your attention... it will take me a wh

Welcome to my new studio

It's been a little busy! This week I have not had any time for showing porcelain - I've been very busy moving into my new studio! Only a stone's throw of where 250 years ago the Bow Porcelain Company started making some of the earliest British porcelain, I found a place in Hackney Wick, one of the coolest parts of East London. I look out over the Olympic Stadium and can see Bow just down the river. It is an area full of business start ups, artists, craft breweries, coffee roasters, a Roma camp with car repair yards, and of course the old River Lee, which I live nearby just a number of kilometres up stream. Please join me on a little tour of Hackney Wick! See the video below: Oh, and don't fo

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