Need a plate?

Spode stone china plates Josiah Spode was the pioneer of industrialised transfer printing. Once he had perfected the underglaze blue printing that gave us the famous Willow pattern (and many more - see last week's post about the Bear Hunt), he also started printing on top of the glaze. These coloured "Chinoiserie" plates are printed in one colour on top of the glaze, and then the colours were filled in by hand. This way, it is a lot cheaper to produce a wonderfully colourful dinner service - you just need one skilled engraver for the plate that is the basis of the printed image, and then the rest can be filled in by less skilled people - often women and apprenticed children. Have a look belo

Gift Cards available now

🎄In trouble with your Santa duties? 🎅🏽 It is too late now to ship before Christmas, but if you ran out of time you can buy a gift card on my website! Click on the image below to buy your gift card: Holiday Meat Platters Christmas and New Year is a time for organising dinners and coming together with family and friends. What is more fabulous than serving food on a large platter? I have several beautiful meat platters from the early to mid 19th Century. Personally, I don't even eat meat - but I love these platters and sometimes use them for large potato dishes. They are absolutely wonderful items of the highest quality and you can see more of them in the video below: And if you are interest

Put all your eggs in one basket

A while ago had a wonderful chestnut basket with a stand and a cover, made by Worcester in about 1770. I was a little heart broken when I packed it up for its new owner on the other side of the world - although the fact that it was going to a loving collector who was thrilled to receive it, made my day! But it was my turn to be thrilled when I came across a very similar basket just days later... this one is an actual basket, no stand or cover but with beautifully pierced walls that imitate an open woven basket. It has a beautiful flower detail applied and very charming handles that are shaped like twigs - including the blemishes that twigs usually have. In those days, they didn't shape these

To Give Lasting Beauty

The holiday season is coming up here - the days are short and dark, and we are making the house cosy and nice. There shall be gifts - and what is more wonderful to give than something of lasting beauty? orphaned coffee cups - click here to see the listings Today I am letting you in on my special weakness for orphans. Coffee cup orphans, that is! I have collected a whole orphanage full of forgotten little cups that have lost their families, and they form their own beautiful family. If you want to find out more about them, have a look at this week's video: Did you know they make great gifts, and are a little cheaper? Have a look in my shop. And if you ran out of time and don't want to ship now

The Shepherdess and her Lamb

Today I have something very beautiful: a Chelsea-Derby figure of a shepherdess with her lamb. These items are not what they seem...

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