Teatime, New Dresden style

On a sunny autumn Friday afternoon, there's nothing like some tea and some good books... I thought this is a wonderful time for this cute little Tea for Two set made by Spode in 1820! The style of this set is loosely called "New Dresden", as it imitates the style of the famous porcelain makers in the German city of Dresden around the early 19th Century. But when you look closer, there are different things going on with this set - well, I explain it all in this video. You can purchase this set in my shop here, and of course the shop if full of other treasures so have a browse around if you like (and as true porcelain lovers, we love you just the same if you are a window shopper!). Octagon, Ne

Of manly things, such as hunting in the bush

I was very pleased to find a few more "Indian Sporting" plates from Spode - true early 19th Century items of unequalled quality with very manly hunting scenes. To find out more about these interesting items and their history, you can watch the video now. These items must be seen in the context of their time, when hunting bears and wolves in the bush was as desirable and cool as taking a cruise to Antarctica today... whatever we think now of the morally reprehensible circumstances, these are very beautiful plates! You can find more early 19th Century blue and white transfer items in my shop - I will be on the look out all the time so check back if you are looking for something!

The story of Rococo

Today something very different! I have two beautiful potpourri vases from Samuel Alcock. And yes, they are a little strange, but that's why I love them! If you want to find out why they look this way and what they were used for, watch the video as I will be telling you about the vases, and the Rococo movement, which was a very interesting time of artistic rebellion against the establishment. And if you want to add something Rococo to your home, you know where to find it - my shop is full of Rococo Revival items. Enjoy!

Belleek - weird and wonderful

You may know by now that I have a special love for cabaret sets - they are so beautiful and so very practical! And no pottery made more beautiful cabaret sets than Belleek, the Irish pottery that became very famous in the late 19th Century. Many people will know them from the statuettes and shamrock baskets that people bring back from their trips to Ireland, but it is the 19th Century porcelain that is truly outstanding, and to find out the reason, watch the video to find out more! And if you get tempted, my shop is well stocked with Belleek sets as I am always on the look out. I often also have some spare cups and jugs, so if you are looking for one that you don't see in the shop, please as

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