Love at first sight - the duck and the teacups, Rococo 1830s

I was away at my friends' wedding this weekend so love is in the air... I was thrilled when I found this Coalport duck spout teapot from about 1830, in good working order. So it went to my stock room but who knew the shenanigans that followed... The duck, never one to sit still, came across the Davenport tea and coffee set from the same era. It liked the wonderful lapis blue waves on the inside of the cups - it was love at first sight and the rest is history. The family is looking for a good home! All items are a bit worn but in excellent working order. And the teapot - well you can't imagine a more adorable and cheerful duck in your home with its grinning face 🦆 😊 . You can find the listi

Frolicking birds - 1880s

The Aesthetic Movement was a rebellion against overly-stylised Victorian opulence. It was influenced by Japanese art, which brought the radical idea that art should be beautiful for its own sake, not just to glorify its owner. In the 1880s, a new movement started that turned the focus around; birds and flowers were not passive objects of artful showmanship, but they became the actors through which we can see the world. They live, work, eat, make love, and play just like we do. These birds are very busy indeed! Two blue tits (the most ordinary countryside birds you can think of) are frolicking around in beautiful gilt foliage. They have been relief moulded, making them even more alive. I don'

How many birds can you get onto a teacup? - Royal Worcester, 1868

How many song birds can you get onto a teacup? At Royal Worcester they must have decided to try in the year 1868. This teacup is very special with its incredibly finely hand painted birds, 3 on the cup and 3 on the saucer. It pays off to bring a magnifying glass to it as each feather has been painted with a tiny little brush stroke, making each bird unique and very lively. The artist must have been studying ornithology books as the birds are so accurate and precise… you just can’t stop looking at this cup. If the birds are not enough, have a look at the jewelled rims. Tiny little porcelain balls stuck onto the rim, in a beautiful setting of gilded bands. You can find the listing here in my s

Chrysanthemums for a hot summer day - Wileman 1896

Charles Wileman created this beautiful set of four Empire teacups and a bowl with polychrome chrysanthemums in 1896. Yet they look so fresh, as if they were painted yesterday. In late Victorian times there was a rise in mass production to serve a growing middle class, so hand painted designs were left behind. But what was gained was a vast array of designs in various colours, applied by transfer and often hand-coloured in enamel, to suit every taste. This one is very sweet... and I have several extra trios to grow it to a bigger set if you wish! You can find the listing here in my shop.

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